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Welcome to the Mint Gun Club Tattoo Parlour Dunfermline please feel free to have a look around at our Design and Gallery sections, check out upcoming conventions and latest merchandise then remember to follow us on instagram, twitter and 'Like' us on Facebook for all the latest news, up to the minute works and anything else we have going on.

Dunfermline Tattoos Dunfermlines newest tattoo parlour Mint Gun Club

Scotland's newest family ran tattoo parlour and Dunfermline's best! We are situated in the scenic surroundings of the abbey at 19 Kirkgate, Dunfermline just next to the popular LIFE night club in the centre of town, with parking conveniently outside the door. All our staff have extensive tattoo knowledge so can assist you with anything from design choice and placement right through to aftercare (some of which have been exclusively hand made from natural products for us)

Come and bask in our vintage styled parlour as soon as you step in the door see our unique décor and have your every need surpassed by our polite attentive staff you will know this is a distinguished, incomparable experience almost as breath-taking as the views that you will want to repeat time and time again whether you’re a first timer or a veteran collector.


Dunfermline Tattoo Parlour ... The Mint Gun Club

Our published resident artist Mikee Cue is a well-rounded tattooer with a certain flare for traditional and Japanese styles as this is where his passion lies. Several football stars from teams such as Rangers, Hibs and Arsenal sport some of Mikees ink and his works been featured in Skin Deep and Skin Shots magazines.

He's a self-taught tattooer who started off tattooing in Dunfermline then went on to work in one of Amsterdam's oldest studios Amsterdam Tattooing then on returning to Scotland he went to work in Edinburgh's largest studio Studio XIII and now has come back to his roots in Fife to bring you........

Mint Gun Club Tattoo Parlour - tattooing as it should be.

If you’re interested in being tattooed, having a design created or simply a consultation with us please feel free to contact us by email or Facebook or contact the studio directly on 01383 279510 or visit us at 19 Kirkgate, Dunfermline


Cancellations and last minute vacancies are always filled on a first come first served basis.

As well as custom tattoo work to complete your unparalleled experience we have an on-site seamstress/goldsmith that will make one off pieces of jewellery hair adornments and clothing to your measurements using the most luxurious fabrics or up cycled vintage materials no more embarrassing same outfit moments or ill-fitting clothing everything is made by hand on an authentic singer machine so you know it will last.

Vintage styling nights will be held (in our gorgeous garden when possible )where you can come along, relax enjoy a glass of fizz have your hair and makeup done by professionals and get exclusive viewing of clothing, fabrics jewellery and designs - more info coming soon including news on workshops.


Concessions at the Mint Gun Club Dunfermline

Everyone at the Mint Gun Club would like to extend a massive thank you to all senior citizens and those hard working people in the public sector, they definitely don't get the credit they deserve. As way of a thank you we would like to give a 10% discount on custom work with a valid I.D. when booking your tattoo

"So if your a fire fighter, police officer, nurse, paramedic, emergency organ transporter or care worker ( i.e. person that visits the houses of those suffering from cancer, mental health issues, people with learning difficulties/severe disabilities or the elderly/infirm )"

Lets not forget all our brave boys and girls serving their country in the Army, Navy, Royal Air Force and Coast Guard services.

We now extend our discount to students and people that work in Dunfermline but again we would need i.d to prove this ie wage slip, student I.D

* Minimum 2 hour tattoo booking for discount to apply


We are ecstatic to announce the green witch of Aberdour has graciously made us some exclusive skin healing balm in three different sizes some of which we will be giving away with certain tattoos.

Once you’ve had the best tattoo possible you should treat it to the best skin care possible!

This balm is hand made by a genuine green witch using natural products you can check out her shop at http://www.greenwitch.co.uk/cms/

Tattoo balm from MGCTP Dunfermline

it smells divine is very supple and fast acting so a little really does go a long way it heals tattoos so quickly you won’t believe it ! It contains no parabens or chemicals just loveliness. Tested on humans not animals! (though you can use it on animals if you wish I often use it to heal scrapes and spots on the dogs) its ingredients include, French lavender which is anti-bacterial, anti flammatory very cooling and soothing on traumatised skin, coconut oil, Shea butter, olive oil again all very soothing on dry or inflamed skin, roman chamomile (not only great at pacifying irritated skin but also used to dampen stress and anxiety) and locally farmed beeswax.


Mikee Cue Tattooist Dunfermline